Stump Grinding

As a less intrusive and more cost effective solution than stump removal, stung grinding will ensure that whatever you have left of your tree will be as flush as possible to your existing ground. Ideally, your stump will die and rot away, leaving a hole to be filled in by whatever landscaping you desire. Call our team anytime in Lakeville, MN, to learn more about the details of our stump grinding process.

Tree Removal

If a tree you own is getting too close to your property or is simply in the way of a beautiful view, call our team out to come and safely remove it. No matter the size or technicalities of the removal process, our team will ensure the safety of your surrounding property and foliage. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming tree removal in Lakeville, MN, and any city in a 25 mile radius. We look forward to properly removing your tree today!

Tree Trimming

With years of experience, and knowledge of every kind of tree, our team is your go to solution for all tree trimming needs. Whether you’re looking for your tree to be pruned, laced, shaped, or trimmed, our team can do it all. We have all the necessary equipment needed to quickly come out and trim our tree to perfection. So give us a call today for Lakeville, MN, and any encompassing town, and ask for a free estimate.

Storm Cleanup

If your yard and trees have been damaged by a passing storm, call our team out quickly to make the situation right. We can have our full team on the job so that your yard can get back to how it once looked, quickly and efficiently. No matter the damage, our team will haul away and foliage and debris that you want gone. Contact us now to learn more about what our storm clean up entails in Lakeville, MN, and all surrounding areas.

Stump Removal

If you’ve just had a tree removed and you’re looking for a completely eyesore-free yard, stump removal is the service for you. We have the proper equipment needed to safely and properly remove any stump, no matter how deep the roots may be. We guarantee that all of your surrounding property and foliage will remain unharmed during the removal process. Email or call us today to schedule an appointment for your upcoming stump removal service in Lakeville, MN, and all areas within a 25 mile radius.

24 Hours Emergency Tree Service

Tree damage does not stop for anyone's schedule. If you’ve found that one of your tree limbs has broken off and fallen onto your roof in the middle of the night, our team is here and ready to come out and address the situation immediately. Our team cares about all residents of Lakeville, MN, and all others in a 25 mile radius, and the health and overall integrity of your trees. So no matter the emergency, keep our number on hand. We’re always here to help.